Morton Valley Water Supply To Hold Meeting

Morton Valley Water Supply Corporation Board of Directors will hold

It’s REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING Thursday, July 9, 2015

at 6pm at the Business Office located at 108 South Connellee.


Members (not on the agenda) who want to address the board must sign-in before the meeting is called to order indicating the topic they wish to discuss. Members will be given three minutes each to speak. No motions may be accepted or action taken on issues brought up at the meeting from the floor. All action items must have been included on the posted agenda. Members can request that items be placed on the agenda for future REGULAR MONTHLY meetings of the Board of Directors. This limitation is required by the public notice requirements of the Texas Open Meetings Act and is NOT an attempt to limit any member’s access to address an issue to the Board of Directors or the membership.


MVWSC will discuss and may take action on the following items:

Member Participation

Operator’s Report (Handout)

-  Karen Stevens – Discuss/Approve possible meter replacement

- Karen Stevens – Discuss/Approve possible fill at old repair in easement

- Tank Inspection – Review Report from Ron Perrin to Discuss/Approve suggested improvements and/or needed repairs

- TCEQ Investigation – Review Report & Discuss/Approve necessary projects to correct violations

Secretary’s Report                                                             

- Previous Meeting Minutes (June)

Treasurer’s Report                                                            

- Directors Report                                             

- Bank Reconciliation  

Office Manager’s Report (Handout)

Project Committee

- Update on Badger cellular/Beacon meters and towers

- Update on grant/loan application with TRWB.

- Update on bids for chlorine booster pump at tower  


Patricia Emery, Office Manager

Morton Valley Water Supply Corporation

PO Box 550

Eastland, Texas 76448-0550