TDHCA Disaster Assistance For Eastland County


In response to the recent disaster that impacted Eastland County, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs ("TDHCA") – as directed by Governor Abbott – is applying its expertise and resources to help income eligible households in your jurisdiction. To assist with immediate and short term relief efforts in your county, TDHCA has already been in contact with a local nonprofit organization Central Texas Opportunities, Inc. to offer potential funding to support enhanced shelter services and temporary housing assistance, such as hotel vouchers, to income eligible households displaced by the disaster.


Additional resources are also available for longer term relief activities, including:

- Rental assistance

- Home rehabilitation, reconstruction

- Homebuyer assistance

- Demolition

- Single family housing development, rehabilitation

- Multifamily housing development, rehabilitation


A complete overview of TDHCA’s disaster relief resources, and information about TDHCA’s most prominent post-disaster relief program, the HOME Disaster Relief Program, is available on our Disaster Relief Resources: Communities and Nonprofits Web page.


Should you have any questions about TDHCA’s disaster relief assistance programs and activities, please feel free to contact me at 512-475-2125, on my mobile phone at 512-769-8005, or via email at or Cathy Collingsworth at 512-475-3858, via cell at 512-964-3572, or by email to


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