Eastland Lands High Tech SuperComputer Company

Boost to Local Economy

For Release April 1, 2015


High Tech Company Locates to Eastland, Texas

Eastland Supercomputer Corporation Announces the Manufacturing of a Mobile Supercomputer Technology Called the RIP Series HPEC to takeplace in Eastland.

The RIP Series HPEC Mobile Supercomputer features Seismic Tubular Steel Design, Adaptive Multimedia Module, Gigabit Ethernet and a Dual Wireless LAN. 


EASTLAND—April 1, 2015— Eastland Supercomputer Corporation (ESC) officials announce immediate start-up of full-scale production activities at 104 Pogue Avenue as soon as the building is retrofitted for fabrication and assembly.


Jerry Conner, Executive Director for Eastland Economic Development, Inc. states, “ESC chose to locate in Eastland after more than year of negotiations with various communities in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and a few select cities within the West Texas Region. Eastland has been chosen as the location for ESC’s permanent corporate headquarters as a result of our Business Park, municipal airport, available office facilities, and our proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The construction of ESC’s manufacturing facility and Corporate Headquarters will pinpoint Eastland as an emerging high tech city.


Tom Crowder, President Eastland Economic Development Inc. adds “It will take about four months for ESC to retrofit their initial facility in Eastland and start productionAlthough robotics will be used in the manufacturing process, they will also be looking for a few quality employees with skills in assembly, painting, welding and metal work. Resumes may be sent to The Eastland Chamber of Commerce.


Eastland Mayor, Larry Vernon states, “It has truly been a team effort contributed by various entities within Eastland to make this happen.  Our vision for a first class Business Park and enhanced municipal airport were key factors to Eastland being chosen for this industry location, as ESC has future plans for these locations.”  


ESC’s new Ruggedized Intelligent Processor (RIP) Series will be manufactured in Eastland, Texas and will sell for approximately $6,500 per unit. RIP is a High Performance Embedded Computer (HPEC) with Size, Weight, Power, and Cooling (SWAPC) specifications that are best in class. Redefining the limits of mobile class computing, the RIP series features a new seismic unibody frame design with an integrated shock mounting system that can withstand the harsh working environments of a heavy duty mobile platform; an Embedded Intel Multi-Core Architecture for fast performance; Fiber Optic Gigabit switch with Quality of Service (QOS) for low latency, high bandwidth block transfers and dual 700 Mbps wireless LAN’s


The Rip Series HPEC comes fully licensed with *LLC Framework, the world’s most advanced software development library for HADDFA based real-time embedded operating systems. The LLC Framework includes a fully integrated dynamic link library for HADDFA-RTOS that allows software developers to integrate Operations, Administrations, Maintenance, Provisioning, and Troubleshooting (OAMPT) features directly into their dataflow applications.


“The RIP Series HPEC is the most innovative ruggedized mobile platform that we’ve ever created,” said Randy Bridgford, ESC’s senior vice president of Logistics. “We’ve packed an amazing amount of innovation and advanced technology into a low profile, heavy duty mobile mounted device that includes our Adaptive Processor Module; Adaptive Network Module; Adaptive Storage Module and our latest Adaptive Multimedia 

Module that features High Resolution Audio and Video and a stunning 24 inch High Definition display.”  


Chief Executive OfficerSadhana Sharma declares, “Eastland Supercomputer Corporation is going to bring about a much needed change in the way that supercomputing technology is positioned as a solution forthe private sector. From their decision to manufacture in Eastland TexasUSA to their pronouncement that business supercomputing is the new foundation for the private cloud ESC has the right combination of expertise and vision to become a market leader. Vishaal Aakash is excited that Eastland Supercomputer looked to us to fund their efforts and we have already transferred the first traunch of seed money while we are finalizing their A round of financing.”  


RIP Series High Performance Embedded Computers are directly available to OEM’s and ODM’s, through the Eastland Supercomputer Corporationwebsite (www.eastlandsupercomputer.com). The RIP Series HPEC is the World’s first Supercomputer based on a Highly Adaptive Distributed Dataflow Architecture (HADDFA) and will be exclusively produced at ESC’s supercomputer manufacturing facility in Eastland Texas. ESC’sCEO Danny Chan commented, “We feel that our initial undertaking in Eastland is a win-win situation for our company and for the city. It has been a positive experience working with the city and with Eastland Economic Development, Inc.”


Dipty SatyalPresident of Adaptive Business Analytics believes that “Supercomputing is the next step in the evolution of collaborative computing and Eastland Supercomputer Corporation is well positioned to become a leader in that evolution. By integrating a ‘Software Definednetwork into their RIP Series HPEC Supercomputer it is now possible to move towards a level of communications based on adaptive software analytics that will enable “Software Applications to create independent data connections for resources based on real time dataflows. Simply stated, this incredible technology will allow software applications to decide how and when to share their information which is exactly what is needed to secure transactions on the global internet.


*LLC Framework is licensed by Logical Link Communications Inc. (www.logicallink.com)


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