Cisco Update from Councilman Weger!

Here is the latest on the situation in Cisco.
Engineers and the City have been working with Westbound Water and the Eastland County Water District for the last couple of days to allow our pumps to pull from their system. Westbound water normally gets water from Cisco but they also have other sources such as Lake Leon and wells. If everything goes as planned we will be able to pull in approximately 250,000 gallons of water into the system daily from them. We normally produce over a million gallons per day. And around 2 million a day in peak summertime. So water will still be pretty tight but a little is better than nothing. We are hoping to have that going by tonight.
In the meantime, we have a self-contained water plant trailer that is on the way from New York. This self contained trailer is capable of producing a million gallons per day. The trailer should be here by Sunday evening. We hope to have it online by Monday evening. This will allow us to bathe and have toilets and water but we will still be in water restrictions for quite a a while. Of course everything has to go smoothly for this timeline but this is the current plan. On another note the dam inspector was here today and said that the dam is in good shape and is doing what it is supposed to. He sees no problem in the future but we will have it inspected at least two more times during this incident which is in our emergency plans.
I would like to express what a great job City Manager Darwin Archer and the city employees have done. They are overcoming a serious crisis and are working diligently and faster then I think any of us could've hoped.
I would also like to thank all of the businesses and individuals and communities and cities that have helped us in our time of need. With water donations, equipment, personnel, etc. The outpouring of people wanting to help has been humbling.
There is water available at the Myrtle Wilkes Community Center AND Calvary Baptist Church, Cisco. If you need assistance please call city hall at 254-442-2111
Jason Weger
City Council Place 1