Texas Senate District 28 Candidate, Greg Wortham and Reporter, Debra Eaton on the campaign trail in Eastland County.  The pair attended Sweetwater High School together, as did their parents before them.  Wortham is seeking a seat in the September 9th Special Election.


Wortham is one of six candidates seeking the seat, which was vacated by Robert Duncan.


By Debra Eaton

Candidate for Texas Senate District 28, Greg Wortham, visited Eastland County on August 13th, with campaign stops in Ranger, Eastland, and Cisco.  Wortham is one of six candidates seeking the seat, which was vacated by Robert Duncan. Duncan recently left the Senate to become Texas Tech University System Chancellor. The winning candidate, in the September 9th Special Election, must receive a majority vote, or face a runoff election.  The unexpired term will be for 2 years.

Greg Wortham resigned his position as Mayor of Sweetwater to seek a seat in the Texas Senate.  His experience includes more than 30 years in energy business, rural development, legislative action, public relations, and energy & environmental policy. 

A graduate of Sweetwater High School, Greg earned his B.A. from Rice University magna cum laude with a double major in political science (honors) and policy studies (energy & environmental policy).  He earned his J.D. (with honors) from the School of Law at the University of Texas, graduating simultaneously with a Masters in Public Affairs from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.  Greg is licensed to practice law in Texas, The District of Columbia, and before the United States Supreme Court.

Throughout his career Wortham has worked for the region as a staff member at the City of Sweetwater, Texas House of Representatives, Texas Senate, and U.S. Congress. He has worked with energy alliances such as the Cline Shale Alliance and the Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse.

As the lone Democratic Candidate in the race, Wortham says that he would have preferred not to declare a party, but rather to use the mentality of people like Charlie Stenholm, Temple Dickson, and Robert Duncan "To work hard and bring people face-to-face, regardless of party lines". 

In speaking with Eastland County citizens, Wortham stated that this Special Election will cost Texan's over 1 million dollars, to select an $800,000 per year Senator, because the Governor choose not to hold it on election day. He feels that this is "Liberal and wasteful!" On more than one occation, during the town halls, Wortham was jokeingly accused of sounding like a Republican!  "Look at the person and not the party" he replied.

Addressing issues and concerns of the citizens, Wortham spoke of TxDOT having higher priority with the State. "Let counties and cities have a role when they make their 5-year plan. Give them the right to discuss and have veto authority. We need more formal procedures for this" he stated. "We should have part of the money for roads from the oil & gas industry without having to go ask for it" he added.

Wortham spoke at length about his feelings on water issues, and stated "Someone needs to be the Water Planner! Everyone has to come together at the table and the Legislatures have to be there." Regarding the issues at the Border, Wortham said "Congress has to change the law! As far as the children, we have to care for them until we can get them back to their homelands. The 2008 Law allows them to come in."  He feels that Texas also needs to help Mexico develop their oil. "They don't know how to drill or frac.  It would be simpler for Texas companies to have workers from Mexico, work in Mexico! It is a complex situation that Congress has to take action on, and not the day before something is enacted!" he said.  Wortham stated that he wants to work on our schools and to create jobs.  "We also have to figure out ways to get more money back from the products that our State produces" he said.  "We have to use the resources that we have and invest wisely going forward and cut some of the waste."  "Rural Development is a major part of what I do and I am eager to work for the citizens in our District" he concluded.

Early voting for the September 9th election will be held from August 25th through September 5th.  Poles will be closed for Labor Day Holiday, September 1st.  

Consisting of 51 counties and 50,000 square miles, every vote will count in this District 28 Senate Seat race. Let's all get out and exercise our right to VOTE!