Ranger City meeting

   Notice Of A Meeting

Governing Body – City of Ranger




Notice is hereby given that a Regular Meeting of the Governing Body of the City of Ranger, Texas, will be held on Monday, February 8, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall, 400 West Main Street, Ranger, Texas.  The following subjects will be discussed, to wit:


Agenda Item 01:  Call to Order- Mayor Pilgrim

Roll Call-City Secretary


Pledge of Allegiance to United States Flag- Mayor Pilgrim

Pledge of Allegiance to Texas Flag- Mayor Pilgrim


Agenda Item 02:  Citizen’s Presentation-At this time, anyone on the list will be allowed to speak on any matter other than personnel matters or matters under litigation, for a length of time not to exceed THREE minutes.  No Council/Board discussion or action may take place on a matter until such matter has been placed on an agenda and posted in accordance with law.


Agenda Item 03:  Announcements from City Council-Comments may be made by council or staff, BUT NO ACTION TAKEN on the following topics without specific notice.  Those items include:  Expressions of Thanks, Congratulations or Condolence; Information on Holiday schedules; Recognition of public officials, employees or citizens other than employees or officials whose status may be affected by the council through action; Reminders of community events or announcements involving an imminent threat to the public health and safety of the people of the municipality.


Agenda Item 04:     Discuss/Consider problems with city dump and cleaning up Ranger – Karen Stevens


Agenda Item 05:    Discuss/Consider for City to purchase necessary signage for Ranger Skate Park – Steve Gerdes


Agenda Item 06:  Discuss/Consider request for street light for corner at Lula St. and Pine St. -  Ed Violet


Agenda Item 07:     Discussion/Consider Approval: Department Reports:


  • Finance Report- (Account balances, amount of approved bills, and amount of bills to be approved)
  • Fire/EMS Report- (Patient Disposition Report and Amount of money collected by intermedix)
  • Library Report- (Finances of Library, Usage Statistics by patrons, computer users, audio/video resources checked-out, books checked-out and reference questions)
  • REDC Report- (Finances of REDC)
  • Municipal Court Report- (Monthly Court Report- New cases filed, Dispositions prior to trial, Dispositions at trial, Cases Dismissed, Community Service ordered, Cases appealed, Juvenile/Minor activity, Parent contributing to Nonattendance, Safety Responsibility and DL Suspension Hearings held, Search Warrants issued,
  • Magistrate Warnings issued, Emergency Mental Health Hearing, Magistrate Order of Protection, and Total revenue)
  • Police Department Report- (Monthly Police Report- Number and type of Arrests, Number and type of Citations, Number of Calls for Service, Assisting other Agencies)
  • Police Department- Annual Motor Vehicle Racial Profiling Report
  • Animal Control Report- (Monthly Report- Total Calls, Pound fee’s collected, Animal food costs, Number of strays, Deceased animals, Skunks, Snakes, other Wild Animals, Possible Rabid Animals, Animal Bites, Sick or Injured Animals, Quarantines, Specimens sent to lab, Animals Euthanized, Citations Issued, Warnings Issued, Number of Animals released back to owners, Animals Adopted, Animals remaining in Animal Control Shelter)
  • Public Works Report- (Monthly Department Report- Sewer stoppages, Water Leaks, Sewer Taps, Water Taps, Meters pulled, Status of Equipment, Status of Roadwork, Status of Clean-up, Status of personnel)
  • Airport Report- (Quarterly Report only)


Agenda Item 08:  Discuss/Consider approval of Bills- Mayor Pilgrim


Agenda Item 09:  Convene into executive session pursuant to Texas Government Code, Section 551.074 to deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee:


(1).   Larry Watson – Acting Interim Police Chief


Agenda Item 10:  Reconvene into open session to take action as deemed appropriate in the City Commission’s discretion regarding:


(1). Larry Watson – Acting Interim Police Chief  


Item 11:  Adjournment


I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify that the above notice of meeting of the Governing Body of the City of Ranger is a true and correct copy of said notice on the bulletin board at the City Hall of the City of Ranger, a place convenient and readily available to the general public at all times, and notice was posted by 5:30 p.m., February 5,  2016 and remained posted for 72 hours preceding the scheduled time of the meeting.







Mary Wells, Ranger City Secretary


The City council reserves the right to convene into Executive Session concerning any of the items listed on this agenda under the authority of the Mayor, whenever it is considered necessary and legally justified under the Open Meetings Act.



Section 551.071 – Consultations with Attorney

Section 551.072  – Deliberations about Real Property

Section 551.0725   - Deliberation by Certain Commissioners Courts about Contract Being Negotiated

Section 551.073       – Deliberation Regarding Gifts and Donations

Section 551.074   – Personnel Matters

Section 551.0745   - Deliberations by Commissioners Court about County Advisory Body

Section 551.076       – Deliberations Regarding Security Devices or Security Audits: Closed Meeting

Section 551.087   - Deliberation Regarding Economic Development Negotiations