Eastland County To Start Scaling Down Lake Leon Flood Debris Removal Project Starting July 18


Office of Eastland County Judge Rex Fields


13 July 2016


Eastland County will start scaling down the Lake Leon flood debris removal project next week, starting on the 18th of July.  There will be one roll-off type container at each site listed below for a total of four large containers available only for flood-related debris.  When these four Progressive Waste containers are full, they will be removed and the County project will end. Residents will need to use their individual home trash removal system for any further waste from their homes.


Some types of debris are not be accepted in these containers:  Tires, hazardous waste, corrosive products, and flammable products are not to be placed into these roll-off containers.  


Metal products such as appliances or water heaters and some electronics can be recycled by individuals at Erath Metal Recycling in Eastland or elsewhere. Residents should take metal products to a recycler, not to the roll-off containers.


If a container is full to the top level of the box, do not add more debris.  Progressive Waste will not remove a container that is overfull.  Do not leave debris on the ground around the containers; please assist the recovery process by taking the overflow to another container.


The following is a detailed location for each site:


1)      Site 1:  North of Lake Leon Baptist Church, 2601 Hwy 2214, Eastland TX 76448.  This location is north of the church at the intersection of the county roads.


2)      Site 2:  CR 541 at Poly Wog Slough.  This location is on the north side of Lake Leon.  Go south on FM 2461 until it intersections with CR 541.  Go south on CR 541 to the Poly Wog area.  


3)      Site 3:  This location is near the Lake Leon Dam on the north side of the boat parking area on FM 2461.  The container is near the emergency spillway area.


4)      Site 4: This location is at the intersection of CR 437 and CR 237.  It is beside the Staff Cemetery on the southwest side of Lake Leon.  Go south east on FM 2214 until the intersection of FM 2214 and CR 237.  Go north on CR 237 until it intersects with CR 437.  


Finally, I want to give a huge thank you to all the first responders, volunteers, faith-based work groups, local churches, state and federal agencies, and individuals who labored so hard to get the flood problems resolved.  The self-motivation, spirit of cooperation, and overall character of Eastland County residents were exhibited by the people affected by the disaster and the people that responded.  I sincerely thank you.



Respectfully submitted,

Rex Fields

Eastland County Judge