Buyers Beware

Buyers Beware

A couple of our members have contacted me regarding high-pressure sales tactics by Universal Adcom, the company that produces maps, refrigerator magnets, and most recently, tote bags.  Our members are being told that the member placed an order for more maps, tote bags, etc., and that the member will be billed for a renewal of their original ad, even though the member did not place the order. 

In at least one instance, our member was told that the ad has already been produced, and that an invoice was issued, and that the member's credit card will be billed $499 to cover the costs.  I contacted Universal Adcom about the complaints, and they wanted to argue with me about it. 

I am attaching a link to the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau, where you can see that this company has a history of complaints relating to misrepresentation, high pressure tactics, and other actions that are not compatible with good business practices. 

Please take note of the other names that this company uses to conduct business.  I have contacted their corporate office and told them to stop representing themselves as being affiliated with Eastland Chamber of Commerce.  We have, in the past, asked our members to utilize the advertising provided on maps, bags, and other items, and we distribute those items to people who move to Eastland or are thinking about moving to Eastland. 

Although the company worked hard to resolve complaints, according to BBB-Ft. Worth, they apparently don't understand how business should be conducted in Eastland, Texas! 

If you are contacted by this company, please use your discretion in dealing with them, but please keep in mind that they are in no way connected to your Chamber of Commerce.  We do not endorse or condone deceptive business practices, whether by this company or anyone else. 

Caveat Emptor.... "Let the buyer beware!"

Cecil Funderburgh 

Eastland Chamber of Commerce