Retired Teachers Hear TRTA State Forum On Health Care

Eastland County Retired Teachers Ruth Stewart, Pat Photon, Eddie Munn, Linda Curry, Kelly Davidson, Keith Watkins, Sherry Miller, and Carole Clower traveled to Brownwood on March 6th to hear the latest information regarding TRS-Care. Retirees are dependent on this health insurance, which is in danger of being taken away or becoming unaffordable.

Tim Lee, TRTA Executive Director; stated that it has hit a wall in Austin. Legislators are reluctant to provide needed funding for Retirees to continue to have affordable and accessible health care. The Legislative bill now circulating would raise deductibles and increase the cost to excessive amounts, which would leave many Retirees without health insurance. They simply could not afford it, as it has been twelve years since they have had a pension increase.

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